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A Sell and Stay from The Home Buyer Team

Are you looking to start a business, travel, or work down your debt? Do you own your home?
Free up your home’s equity with the Sell and Stay program from The Home Buyer Team!

If you are planning on moving within the next 5 years, our Sell and Stay program will allow you to take advantage of the current booming housing market, make a profit on your home sale, but give you time to get your affairs in order. Maybe your kids are graduating school and you are looking to downsize in a few years. Maybe you have always dreamed of living on the beach, but need to get your business up and running. We give you the capital you need now without having to move.

If your wealth is tied up in home equity, you can sell your home to access that money and put it toward investing, a college fund, or any other long or short term plans you have. You continue to stay put in your house and no longer have to worry about all of the costs of homeownership. You are no longer responsible for maintenance, homeowner’s insurance, or property taxes anymore. No surprise costs when your water heater dies or roof damage from a hail storm.

The Stay and Sell program is a leaseback offered by many of our real estate partners. It is not a reverse mortgage.

In a nutshell, our partners will make you an all cash offer on your home and if you accept it, you will come into a lease agreement that will give you a lump sum up front for the value of your home and allow you to stay in your home with a monthly rent fee.

With the Sell and Stay program you don’t have to worry about finding a buyer, selling your house, and waiting for the transaction to close all while trying to pack and make repairs and finding a new place to live. Most companies offering home sale lease backs will buy your home quickly—usually in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Despite the benefits, the home sale leasebacks is not right for everyone and does have some drawbacks.

You no longer benefit from the appreciation of your home. If your home goes up in value, the company you sold it to benefits—not you. However if housing prices go down, you have made a great deal and don’t have to suffer from a mortgage under water.

You will have to pay some closing costs and fees. Costs vary by lender, but as with any home sale, you’ll need to cover some of the closing fees yourself which will be taken out of the purchase price.

Selling your home to a regular buyer might provide you with more cash upfront for your house. However a traditional sale would mean you take on the burden of moving and paying top dollar for a new place to live.

Your mortgage payments no longer build equity. When you pay down a mortgage, you acquire more equity in your home and eventually will own the house free-and-clear. This is no longer possible after you have sold your home to a home sale leaseback company.

A Home Buyer Team member can help you decide if a home sale leaseback is worth it to you and your circumstances. Some people may be better off with a home equity loan or simply listing your home on the open market and moving.

Bottom Line: Is a Residential Leaseback Agreement Right for You?
Residential leaseback agreements can be a great option if you need to sell your house but want to stay in it. You also benefit from no longer being responsible for ownership costs, like taxes and maintenance expenses. But the fact that you may not get the full value of your home could be a deal-breaker for some homeowners.

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